Oh my gosh could 2 cats look so much alike? I have a female Russian Blue mix, Keely-Ann, who is Nikita's twin. I don't know how much Nikita weighs but my girls is a hefty 16 lbs and in the process of working out with Richard Simmons! I adopted her 8 years ago from the FOCAS group in San Diego and she came to me a plus sized gal because her former owners had not only removed her front claws but also amputed her knuckles so she actually on has one pad on each foot (how barbaric is that?) so she is hesitant to run and play. Occasionally I can get her to chase a piece of paper tied to a string but mostly I just carry her. She is on a low fat dried foot from Wellness (the best cat food around) and wet food also from Wellness. She has some allergies that cause her to shake her head and scratch her ears and we, after 8 years, are still trying to work out the cause and solution. She is my sweet girl though who waits patiently for me to come through the door and is then glued to my hip. She sleeps under the covers with me pressed up against my belly. I couldn't ask for a more wonderful companion.