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Thread: Pitbull puppy in Austin, TX - EUTHANIZED

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    Pitbull puppy in Austin, TX - EUTHANIZED

    A friend of mine on a BC board has a roommate who acquired a stray Pitbull puppy a few months ago. The Pit is now 8 or so months, has no training, no shots, not housebroken, not fixed.

    The roommate made a half butt effort in finding him a home and dumped him at a kill shelter.

    PLEASE help him! I can get more information for anyone interested.

    From home:

    To a cage :

    They named him Allister.

    ALLISTER - ID#A41140
    Town Lake Animal Shelter
    (512) 972-4738
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    POOR BABY! AW! I would take him. But I live NO WHERE near Huston! Sorry and VERY could luck to the cute boy!

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    He's just gorgeous!! But... poor sweet baby!

    I really do hope that he finds his forever hom, where he is loved.

    Kaitlyn (the human)
    Sadie & Rita (Forever in Our Hearts) (the Labbies)

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    Awww! Look at that sweet face. I'm in Austin, but there's nothing I can do to help this little guy. I hope he finds a forever home quickly.

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    Is there anyone who could just get him out of their, teach him some basic manners and try to find a good home for him?

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    If you join you can post his pics in their rescue section also.
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    Tried. You need special permission to post there.

    Oh well. I PMed the admin on the site. She can post it. Gr. That's stupid. "Special permission"

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    Poor baby, I would take the boy, but I can't. I cannot believe he would just take a half ass effort then dump the dog, esspecialy since the dog looks like such a sweet-heart, and I bet he would get trained easily. I hope he finds a home, why don't you adopt him?

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    Who would dump a dog, when all they have to do is train it a little bit, so it doesn't pee in the house or pull on the leash? What kind of person IS this? Kill Shelters usually dont adopt out Pit Bulls. I wish you luck little guy.

    Did you know: If the world was one shelter instead of broken up ones, 5,000 dogs are killed per second?

    Did you know only 40% of dogs in the world are adopted from the shelter?

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    I so wish I could help. What a beautiful baby.
    Krista- owned by Rudy, Dixie, Miagi & Angel

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    Allister was euthanized early last week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whistler_pups
    why don't you adopt him?
    I'm all the way on the other side of North America..

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    gawd, that poor baby. R.I.P. he was so young...
    Krista- owned by Rudy, Dixie, Miagi & Angel

    Rocky, Jenny, Ginger Buster & Tiger .. forever loved & always in my heart..

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    RIP sweet Allister

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    AW! That's so sad!

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