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Thread: Looking you in the eye? Pics of Oz, Gull and Murph too

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    Looking you in the eye? Pics of Oz, Gull and Murph too

    Hi ya'll!

    Do your dogs stare into your eyes? Everything I've read about dogs says that staring directly into your eyes is a dominant gesture, but I have my doubts about that. Oz and I stare at each other all the time and he's really not a dominant dog at all and definitely not with me. It's more like we're communicating with each other. When I'm talking to him, he's trying to figure out more, by reading the expression in my eyes or at least that's the feeling I get. He's a very communicative dog.

    Maddie was like this too and she was always trying to tell me things. She was a dominant dog with other dogs, but not with me. So I don't think it was a dominant gesture towards me. She and Oz both have that quality, where they seem to read my mind. Knowing my needs and have a high level of intelligence. So I wonder if in some dogs it can me more related to that.

    Gull, who does have somewhat of a dominant side, but again not with me, if I look him in the eyes, he automatically looks away. Murph is more submissive in nature and he won't look me in the eyes. I wouldn't say either Murph or Gull aren't intelligent. And they both are very devoted and watchful of me, but not attuned to my feelings like Oz and Maddie. Just wonder sometimes if it's related to the eye thing and was curious about other's dogs.

    Thought I'd toss in a few pics too. Haven't posted any in quite a while


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    It is most often a dominant act, particularly when done to another dog. However, that can vary by dog and by breed. A direct stare is very common husky behavior and not neccessarily dominance related. It's just a husky trait.

    Great pics! Lovely puppers.
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    Maggie stares into your eyes a lot, but I dont think it has anything to do with dominence, because she knows who is the dominent one. Great pictures! Your dogs are beautiful!
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    Looking you in the eye?

    OMG what sweet cutie pies these two are.. Yup I would say we are having eye contact.. Nice pics

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    I really like the pictures.SammyJ will look me straight in the eye, and we have a stare down till he turns his head, this is usually when hes upset with me.

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    Jada stares into my eyes a lot. Its with love. Your dogs are so beautiful. I love it when you post pictures of them.

    Thank you Kay for the beautiful sig!

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    Oh Gull an Ozzy you guys are absolutely dreamy. And Murph, sweetie, nothing melts my heart like a Cairn smile.
    Umm, Les, I am not sure about your theory. My first dog was without a doubt the smartest dog ever born (yes I am biased and exaggerating ), but I don't remember her ever doing the staring thing with me. Maybe she didn't want to waste her time communicating with a less intelligent life form (heehee). But she definitely knew my moods, wants, needs and behaved accordingly. Ginger on the other hand, definitely does the stare when she wants to convey something to me, and I would only label her as being of average intelligence (at best). And she is a very submissive dog, so it isn't a dominance thing.

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    OMG.. I love your Collies. They're are absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

    Mickey looks me in the eye a lot. I blink. I just shrug off all that crap about dominance and stuff. Whatever. I think dogs are smart enough to just learn their place with bothering with eyeing crap. lol

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    Awww they are so cute and handsome!. The one who has soap on his head doesnt seem to mind it at all!.

    I love a nice clean dog LOL

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    oh i love smooth collies, i have a rough blue merle.

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    It's such a treat to see your trio Par. Mine gaze at me with love sometimes too, it's not a dominant stare-down, I'm sure I'd be able to tell the difference. It's kind of a wistful, curious or loving gaze. Oz's eyes are so gorgeous. Give all three of those sweeties some loving from me
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    Winston and Tango stare at me often but it's not at all a dominance thing, when Keeva stares though she does it out of dominance so I think it varies between different dogs.

    I love the pics! Oz and Gull are gorgeous as always and Murph is such an adorable little guy

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    Wow they have such pretty eyes! Gorgeous dogs!

    Nova stares at me a lot, too, and she's the most submissive dog I've ever known.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glacier
    A direct stare is very common husky behavior and not neccessarily dominance related. It's just a husky trait.
    You couldn't be more right. Roxey stares all the time (expecially if you have food). I guess that's the way I trained her too. If she looks me in the eye (paid attention to me), she gets her goodie.
    Huney will look away and Bon, he's kinda gets weireded out if you stare at him

    Those are some gorgeous pictures of your three Par, I just love the look on each and everyone of their faces

    Huney, Bon & Simba-missed so very much
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    First of all, your dogs are so gorgeous! I'm happy to see pics of them again. Is Gull bigger than Oz now?

    Nebo will look me right in the eye too and I don't think it's a dominance thing either with me, it is with other dogs though. He just likes to stare...I think it may be more intimidating sometimes with the blue eyes though, his eyes scare people! One of my co-workers got all freaked out the other day because Nebo was staring right at her and smiling lol.

    Sydney likes to get right up in your face, smell your breath, and stare at you. She prefers to have eye contact nose to nose. She doesn't look away either, and it's not dominance she's just wants attention when she does that.

    Reggie's older and he's kind of in his own little world most of the time...he won't sit still long enough to look him in the eyes.

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