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Thread: dog food

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    dog food

    I feed my pup Eukanuba - is that a good brand?? Can anyone suggest something healthy that a dog can digest well and is not too expensive?

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    There was a whole thread not too long ago debating the value of different dog foods, unfortunatly I don't remember where it was....sorry!!!

    We used to feed our dogs IAMs, which I belive has the same manufacturer as Eukenuba, but for a number of reasons we switched to Sensible Choice and the dogs like it much better.

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    Eukenuba and IAMS are the same company both here in Canada were at one time sold at the vets. The Eukenuba/IAMS company was sold to Procter and Gamble (i believe) about 2 years ago. Eukenuba can be bought in a Vets office here. Also the ingredients in IAMS have changed somewhat to make it now cheaper and can be bought outside of the vets office.

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    Here is the link
    I feed my dogs Eukanuba

    Huney, Bon & Simba-missed so very much
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    I would recommend Nutro too. It is the least expensive of all the brands that use human-grade preservative-free ingredients.

    Other brands I like and my dog likes: Wysong, Innova, and Royal Canin Natural Blend, but these are more expensive.

    Others I've heard are good and plan on trying: Flint River Ranch and Solid Gold.

    This web site compares and explains ingredients of dog food, including Eukanuba, Science Diet, and most of the brands I just mentioned:

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