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Thread: Need black kitties!

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    Wow, I've been slow on this one! Here's the "almost finished" portrait of the black kitty. Whatcha all think? Black was HARD to do!!!

    Thanks to everyone who posted their black cats - I could have never gotten this right without the photos!

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    It looks great. I know I am late but here is a photo of my Graycie. She loves to lay in odd places. She loves to drink out of glasses instead of her bowl. She doesn't get any guiness though. She is so much fun. She is such a good kitty.

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    Oh I was going to lighten the picture for you so you could see it's face, but I guess I'm too late. Pretty drawing, I love it

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    looks good.

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    Need black kitties!

    Well dont know it this one made the picture drawing advise; but I love that face with attitude..
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    Here's my sister's cat Molly ~

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    I think you have the black one down!! That is wonderful! I am always amazed at your talent... I would have thought the gray one would have been the hardest.. (that's how much I know )

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    Kim, I think you did an excellent job. I'm sure that your client will love it.
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