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Thread: Game for Horse People!! :)

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    Game for Horse People!! :)

    I love playing a game with my favorite horse. He always wants constant attention. Unfortunately, I can only go to the stable on Saturdays and Sundays (or if I have off of school) so two other people I know ride him on the weekdays. Because I am only there two days out of the week, the time I spend with him is very special.
    My favorite game to play with my favorite horse is hide and seek. I always hide and he comes to find me! I usually hide in the extra barn in the field he is in. We both love it! We do it for about 15-30 minutes a week. I think it makes our bond closer!! *heart Ari*!!

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    Wow great game there is a horse at the riding stables i ride at who is nearing retirement age, so i can't ride him much any more but he now craves attention, so i often play 'guess which hand the apple's in' with him! He's quite good at it, but cheats a little, when he picks the wrong one he bangs his hoof on the stable door until i give the apple to him! Horses are just brill!!!

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    my donkey isn't smart enough for hide n' seek. lol.... but he can play the game you said Miss Z. only he likes carrots.


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    Lol, my horses like to play tag!! They will chase you for hours trying to catch you, but if you turn around quickly, you can chase them around , its actually great exercise!!
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    My horses and I play hide and seek alot too.

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    I used to race with the exracehorse I shareboarded. He hated real racing but loved racing me, he beat me every time! I also played follow the leader for dandelions with him (of course this is when he was in the paddock. (He was at a barn in a very urban area.) I miss my Player!

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    that is a cute game i also have a game i play with my horse jet
    i make her count with her hoof how old she is [6] and then make her bow then ill ride her around in a circle then get off then she follows me around all day

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