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Thread: Please Pray for Baby Nug and me

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    Please Pray for Baby Nug and me

    Last night, I began to not feel well. I was nauseous, and severe lower back pain, and my abdomen began to contract. I was up until after midnight, feeling sick and/or uncomfortable. I was able to sleep but it was fitful and as if feeling badly wasn't enough, I woke up several times with my left calf muscle in a horrible cramp that no amount of walking or massaging would help. Needless to say, when the alarm went off this morning I was in no shape to go to work. I was still going to try, but Josh asked for me to stay home and he is also working from home today to help me out, "wait" on me and keep me off my feet as much as possible. We have a scheduled doctor's appointment this afternoon so hopefully I'll get an "all clear" from them and it was just my body beginning to prepare for delivery in another two months. Please pray that it was just a little "let's start getting ready" session, because I have to admit, I am pretty freakin' scared at the moment. Josh, Nug and I could use all the PT prayers we can get.

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    I hope the Dr. gives you the all clear and your feeling better asap.
    Prayers for you both.

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    Praying for you. I hope you are feeling better very soon.

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    Praying for you all - I expect you are scared but everything will be fine. Sounds like a touch of Braxton Hicks to me which as you so rightly said is your body having a practise run for the real thing. You're right to rest and be waited on hand and foot - you are carrying a very precious bundle xx
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    Our thoughts and prayers are on their way from Florida

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    Thanks Barry!

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    I hail from South Carolina, but Texas is where I hang my hat :)
    I hope it's nothing serious. I'll be thinking of you, hoping for the best news!
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    Lots of prayers and good thoughts coming your way! let us know how your dr. visit goes!

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    This is a bit early to get born, little Nug....!
    I will keep you in my prayers

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    Prayers are on the way. I had horrible leg cramps while pregnant, woke up screaming in the middle of the night. The lower back pain and cramping of the abdomon is not normal though, make sure you take it easy.
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    Jaime, keeping you and Nug in my thoughts and prayers. Please update us as soon as you have any news from your doctor. (((HUGS)))

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    I hope they were only Braxton Hicks contractions you were feeling! I noticed some slight cramping yesterday too. It scared me too, so can't imagine how the severity of yours would terrify you.

    Good luck and let us know what the doctor says!


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    Oh no I hope its just braxton hicks I will keep you and your family in my thoughts. I have had the leg cramps and they HURT!!!!! I haven't had any braxton hicks though so I dunno how they feel. MY prenatal class instructor told us the difference between them and the real thing are that fake ones will stop if you get up and move around and they are not painful just uncomfortable. The real ones do not go away they get more frequent and more painful. Hope that helps. Good luck at the doctors let us know hoe it goes!!

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    Prayers, prayers and more prayers are on the way.

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    Hey, Take it easy, stay home and relax.
    DRINK lots of water. Your legs are cramping because you are dehydrated.
    Hope you feel better.

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    Lots of prayers on the way for you and the baby {{{hugs}}}

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