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Thread: Pakistan earthquake...a touching story...

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    Pakistan earthquake...a touching story...

    I was just listening to the radio, and they were talking about the situation in Pakistan after the huge earthquake that hit last week. They said the death toll is now over 50,000 ...and is expected to rise. Amidst this sadness, one of the reporters told a very touching story that brought tears to my eyes. He said he, along with several others made a 7 hour journey to get to one of the seriously affected villages. When they got there, they were greeted by people who had lost everything they could have possibly ever had. Their entire village was wiped out...destroyed. Their homes, possessions, and dearest family members, all gone. When they saw travellers approaching after a tiring journey, despite the fact that they themselves had nothing, they went and found whatever they could to offer to their guests (the reporters). The reporter was saying he was deeply touched to see people facing such a tragedy would still put that behind them, and do what they could to make a traveller feel at home in their devastated village. My eyes filled with tears when I heard this. People are often so very selfish, even when they have so much. To think that the residents of a village that was completely destroyed would come forth to feed people who were there to help THEM is touching. It is the beauty of faith that gets people through such tragedies. I was so touched by this story. Though I already know of the intense hospitality and kindness of the people of Pakistan (as my family originates from there and I have witnessed that hospitality my entire life), it was nice to hear them tell these stories on the sadly, so many people have such wrong impressions of people in that part of the world.

    Just wanted to share this. I have been so emotionally devastated because of this earthquake. Though thank God all of my relatives are okay, and not in areas seriously affected, it hurts so much to see people suffer...children orphaned. One man spoke of how he lost all 5 of his children in this tragedy. I can't imagine the pain of these people, but it is so heartwarming to see the whole country come together to help one another, despite their poverty. My cousin has been telling me how much people there are doing for those in northern areas affected by the earthquake. It shows the true spirit of mankind and the faithful...a spirit of love, caring, sharing, and helping each other. That is a spirit that is in the instincts of that none of us should ever lose. My heart breaks for all people affected by these terrible natural disasters. May God always keep us in His protection.

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    That is an amazing story PCB...sometimes tragedy brings out the best in people.

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    I've always thought that ones true personality comes about in times of utter devistation. Things like this show how truly wonderful those people are. You should be honored (as I know you are) to share the same culture.

    I'm so glad your personal family is safe from the EQ. They're so devistating.

    ...RIP, our sweet Gini...

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    A newclip this morning stated that the death toll could be in excess of 100,000........hope it is wrong.

    I truly believe that people are "good", glad you shared this story.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Logan
    A newclip this morning stated that the death toll could be in excess of 100,000........hope it is wrong.
    A lot of Pakistan's news sites are saying its well over 100,000. I honestly believe its going to rise well over 100,000...cause they still don't know how many remote areas have been affected. Its so, so tragic.

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    Popcornbird, some friends of mine left the North of Pakistan about 1 week before the earthquake. They are very experienced travel authors and had been in the country for at last 4 weeks and said the hospitability and friendlyness of the people was more than amazing.
    They are now hoping that many of the new friends they made survived.
    It is so terrible what happens over there- with the hard winter being close. After what my friends told me your story just fits into the picture.

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    What a touching story. People never fail to amaze me.

    There were a few little miracles yesterday too. They pulled 4 children out from under a school alive after 8 days and in another location, a baby alive.
    No matter what anyone does, someone some where will be offended some how!!!!
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    Contrasted to our country and the difference is amazing. The victims of disasers here want to blame others and expect to be helped right now. If not they will riot and want to take it to court.

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