I have recently heard to the news that cats and dogs are bred for their fur in some countries, mainly in Asia. In addition, they are kept in horrible conditions, and killed in even more horrible conditions.

I put the link here for those of you who would like to sign a petition, I am sure that many of you are willing to do it ! I have signed yesterday evening.


It is organized by a French Association for the defense of animals, but this part is translated in English, and apparently you can sign it whatever country you are from.

For more details about the Association there is another link, but only in French:

In many countries, the clothes makers are buying these furs, and when people buy the clothes they think it is rabbit fur because the law dose not oblige the makers to indicate from which animal it is on the label! Personally, I would never buy any fur, but when talking of cats and dogs I am even more !

Can someone imagine wearing a cat skin around the neck ??? I'd rather prefer wearing my living cat in his skin on my shoulders! except that it's heavier, it is warmer, talkative, purring, etc... all advantages!