Im just wondering?
My daughter and 2 grandchildren have been staying with me. Kirby has become very attached to my 12 year old granddaughter Paige. She went to visit her other grandparents and he hasnt eaten or palyed since she left..
Im worried about him.She asked me if she could have him, they have another big dog samson.My daughter says they will take him. I feel bad, I dont want kirby to think Im just giving him away..but he wont have any thing to do with me, and he loves my grandson to..he loves kids. I think since he is so attached to them I may just let them take him. My daughter loves him so much to. Hes much more hiper than SAmmyj, they play more with Kriby than him and he dont care either way. The way he is in the pic is the way he has been the last couple of days since the kids went to vist, Pagie to her grandparents and Charles to his Dads.Ummm.
I am getting another puppy in nov. a bichon/poo baby.And if he feels this way , he might even feel worse willtake a lot of time for training.
Just talking..