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    Kirby what a cutie you are. You have such a nice family who love you so much. Congradulations on being the cutest, most lovable, prettiest, sweetest Dog of the Day.

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    Hi little Kirby, you little whirlwind! What a happy, loving, sweet little boy you are! Your joyful expression and twinkling eyes say it all...I have never been owned by a "smaller dog," but I have a feeling it is all love, kisses and smiles 24/7! AND, I think your loving personality makes you a terrific candidate for therapy work! Everyone could benefit from a dose of Kirby love!! Congratulations little Kirby. You are our oh so precious Dog of the Day. BIG hugs, kisses and belly rubs to you!! What a cutie!

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    Kirby, You look like a very happy boy! Congrats. on being dog of the day & hope you get lots of extra treats today. You are a sweetheart and keep playing with those tennis balls they are a blast.

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    Tats is right, a dose of Kirby would be an ideal prescription for a LOT of problems. If you aren't the cutest little cherub, I don't know who is. I'm sorry I missed your DAY to congratulate you, but I will be checking back to your picture frequently because it is soooo cute I can hardly stand it. I will have to be careful though as there are 2 in my house who get a little jealous. I wish I could plant some kisses on those little leather doggie lips, but I guess I will have to be content with giving you these dear little Kirby xxxxxxoooxxxxxx

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