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Thread: Lick granuloma time

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    Lick granuloma time

    Sigh, Nicki has licked another huge wound between her toes. She was a busy little girl ths afternoon. I can't find her E-collar, and since its saturday night the vet would be an emergency trip. What can I do for miss licky... errr, Miss Nicki?

    I gave her some Benedryl, cleaned the wound (didn't dare attempt to wrap it since I know she'll have the wrapping off in ten seconds anyway) I know they'll give me prednizone (they always do).... how much for a 100 pound dog? I have some left from the cats (but only dosages for a 6 pound cat ) can I determine the proper dosage from the cats medicine or just wait til Monday? I'd like to give her some relief tonight.

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    My neighbor's Rottweiler does that a lot.

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