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Thread: Dogs jumping the fence.

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    Dogs jumping the fence.

    Its a very large back yard, as it is now, ive had to start chaining her when i go to work.... Theres a rabbit thats been running around and driving her crazy, im on a waiting list for a humane trap from the animal shelter.
    I dont know what to do. she can leap any part of the fence.... She took off the other day, cost me $65 to get her out of the pound... And i just quit my job tonight so im gonna be broke.
    I thought about getting sticks and try to rope the fence, but im sure she will still be able to do it, plus that costs money... so do electric fences...
    Ive been thinking of trying to call her over, then scold her or shoot her with a water gun... cept id have to tell her to jump back over, since theres too much glass and stuff in the dirt behind the fence... any suggestions? cant let her out at night either, and i have to keep an eye on her.

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    I have the same problem w/ my son's dog (they are both living w/ me now) and wrote about this before. One suggestion someone here gave was this doggie girdle type thing - well, that's not really what it is but you can buy it at a place like PetSmart or something. It's a harness type thing that keeps their back legs unable to leap over fences. I too have a big fenced yard and my four dogs are fine in it all day. But not Punk that's his name. He doesn't jump all the time but every now and then he just gets this wild hair up know and takes off. Unless I build up the fence to look like a prison camp I have to be out w/ him every time. What a pain. I don't know about electric fences, have mixed feelings about 'em. Have heard both pro and con.... any help from others out here?? Laurie

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    We had a fence jumper some years back and yes, the back yard looked like a prison camp! We had to buy these brackets of sort (I don't know the name) that went on the chain link fence and went inward (prison Camps they go outward) and that did help about 90% of the time. One time she crawled up the fence and got her two upper fangs caught and the teeth went sideways into her check! That was a bad experince. Sorry I got off track. I have heard that many people have had luck with what lbaker said about the harness that prevents them from jumpimng up and they can still walk/run etc. cost was about $14 and should be in any pet shop or on the internet.

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    Thank you. I didnt know about those braces. ill hit the pet store monday.

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    Sorry I forgot to mention that on the brackets you put some type of mesh fencing or we used two wires to run down the length of the fence.

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    I have a dog that can jump a 6 foot wooden fence from a sit. He & I went round & round when I first got him. I had to tie him out while I went to work, too. An electric fence didn't work. One zap and he was free. I now have a wooden fence on one side of the yard and a chain link on the other. On top of the chain link, I mounted a very wobbly mesh fence. This extends the height of the fence by about 2 feet. Because it wobbles so much, he cant climb it and he doesn't even attempt to jump it because it moves. If he does try to climb it, it bends down toward the yard and he falls off.

    Some type of fence is essential if you don't want to use a runner or tie out of some sort. Some dogs just won't stay in the yard without "encouragement"

    Hope you find the right solution for your situation.


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