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Thread: Look what I brought home now!

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    Look what I brought home now!

    I really need to get away from the shelter! My heartstrings are just too big and my house is just too small!

    Wednesday afternoon a couple walked into the shelter with this little baby kitten and said they found it in their yard. It was so caked with dried mud that it was as stiff as a board. It was unconcious, and barely breathing. Thankfully it was spay/nueter clinic day and the vet was on hand.
    I grabbed the kitten and busted into the operating room and told them we had an emergency. The vet took the kitten and told me to go grab a big healthy cat from the shelter. She immediately took blood from the healthy cat and gave the baby a transfusion. We then gave glucose and waited. I went and heated a bag of IV fluids, wrapped that in a towel and put the baby on the warm bag. I wrapped them all up in a warm blanket and carried it around for the next two hours. I kept telling the baby that it was going to live.
    There was only one clean spot on the little one and that was the white spot between its eyes. I kept kissing that spot and saying prayers. Finally the little fellow came to life and started sucking on the blanket like crazy! We mixed up a mash of KMR and canned food and he ate!!! YIPPEE!!!

    This is what the poor little thing looked like Wednesday night.

    I know it's hard to see all the mud but believe me that poor babies hair was so stiff and hard. He was still very weak but doing so much better.

    Of course I had to bring him home so I could monitor him throughout the night.

    By Thursday night I felt like he was probably strong enough to withstand a bath. I was terrified during that whole bath! I just new his little heart would give out but I also knew that he would feel tons better if he could move without his hair pulling. Thank goodness he made it!

    Look what we found under all that mud!!

    Here you can see his little chicken leg from the transfusion

    Sleeping and healing

    He is still weak but playing some and walking ok. It will take awhile for him build his strength again but I now feel good about him surviving.

    We named him Mud Pie.

    Is this number 20? According to hubby Mud Pie isn't leaving! Good grief, I've created a monster!!!

    I had to share this precious little one with you guys. Anybody need a Mud Pie????

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    Oh, he is sweet! I love this one:

    This poor kitty wouldn't have made it without you and your co-workers. I'm glad that the couple decided to bring him to your shelter. I think I never saw a cat looking that miserable and weak, but it looks like he has a strong will to survive!

    He's looking so much happier on his warm blanket now!

    Best wishes to you, sweetie!


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    OMG!!! He's too cute. You are truly an angel, Lisa. Welcome to pet talk, Mud Pie!!
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    Awww... I love the name! What a cutie pie.

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    Awww Lisa, his muddy little body bring big ole tears to me eyes! Reminded me of little Birdie when QSL first found him. What a little doll baby that Mud Pie is!!!! TO adoreable! I agree with your hubby, Mud Pie is a keeper. He cleaned up so wonderfully and I am sure with your loving care, he will flourish as well as little Birdie did under QSL's.

    (Now I REALLY wanna come to your house!!)

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    He is adorable! Congrats on the new addition!
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    Look what I brought home now

    OMG you are just so so adorable Mud Pie & welcome to Pet Talk

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    OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!! What an adorable Mud Pie! I would love to have a Mud Pie! I am sooo in love with this guy already! Oh Lisa, you just hit #20 with this one! Just look at that before picture! Look at him sleeping tummy up! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

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    He is cute isn't he?

    Laura, it's funny that you mentioned Birdie. When I took the kitten from the couple and uncovered it my first thought was of Birdie! I didn't think this little one would make it but then Birdie kept flashing before my eyes. He reminded me so much of one of Birdie's pictures.

    You guys! I've got too many cats and this just has to stop! Don't encourage me to keep him...tell me to let him go!

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    Originally posted by catcrazylady
    He is cute isn't he?

    You guys! I've got too many cats and this just has to stop! Don't encourage me to keep him...tell me to let him go!
    You would not listen anyway

    What a cutie and I love the name Mud Pie

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    Oh my oh my, what a lucky little mud-ball!! Thank you so much for saving this little boy! He looked terrible when he came in, but after that bath, he is a gorgeous little tux!!
    Are you planning on keeping him? Yeah!!!! 20 is such a perfect amount of cats!!

    Best luck to you, Mud Pie!!!

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    I see you don't have a brat in his particular shade.

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    What a little sweetie!!!

    Thanks so much kittycats_delight for the beautiful siggy and avatar of my kids!

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    He is ADORABLE!!!!! He looks like LilEli when he was a baby. I'm so glad you're keeping him. He needs you!! YAY for hubby!!!
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    OK, OK, OK, I'll be the one to tell you. Let him go...........................

 the litter box, or to the food and water bowls, or to every room in your house, AND to all of our hearts.

    There's NO WAY that little Mud Pie can go anywhere else now! He's DEFINITELY a KEEPER!

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