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Thread: No Ella!!!!!!

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    No Ella!!!!!!

    Ella tore up my whole couch coushion!!!! I almost blew up!!! I put her outside, and she just whined and kept trying to tear up the screen door, I have no idea what's wrong with her, she just is doing it for no reaosn I guess She has already made friends with Maggie, so I doubt it's because of Maggie. What the heck is she doing this for? She keeps doing horrible stuff...

    And I have been keeping her in the dog kennel, she eats in there, is bathed in there, groomed in there, drinks in there, 1/2 of the time she even sleeps in there. I just don't get it and I have took her for a couple walks, but she just tries to tear the leash.

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    i don't know why she's doing this, but maybe she's bored. give her a kong filled with her favorite treat. or you can train her some new tricks.
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    Uh oh Ella! You'd better stop that. I'm assuming she is a malinois? Malinois are very very driven dogs. They need so much exercise and a job to do. I have a groenendael, so I associate with people that have the other Belgian varieties --- the malionois is the most difficult of them to handle. They are much more driven, intense, and aggressive -- which is why they are very highly regarded as schutzhund dogs. I would work alot with her to focus her frustrations on other things. The Kong idea is good. You can also find the treat-dispensing balls to keep her busy. I would really recommend putting her in some sport though. The malinois is a working breed -- if they don't have something to do, they become bored and take out their frustrations by being destructive. We have a malinois in the agility club and she really enjoys herself and has calmed down alot since doing agility. It is an awesome breed, they just need alot of attention, exercise, and training. I can only wish that my groen will be as good as a mal when it comes to schutzhund. Good luck with her, I hope she calms down some.

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