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    Dear Ella. Looking at your precious picture, but one word comes to mind! Angelic!!! If you were within reach, I would smother you with little kisses all over your adorable self! Another water baby!! My Oliver hops in the shower too!! And what's this I hear about no one wanting you??? Glad your proud mommy or daddy came to the rescue! Like you bio. says, you are one loving, gorgeous and precious little girl. You name couldn't suit you more perfectly!! Congratulations to you Ella, Cat of the Day! May today be a day filled with extra love and kisses!

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    What a great kitten face you have Ella. I, too, have a water baby. She will get in the bathtub with a child who is bathing. It is a real site to see. You are lucky to have such a nice Mom who takes you on trips with her. My kitty also loves to ride in cars. You are a sweetheart Ella. Enjoy your day in the limelight!

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    Ella, I was wondering if you might be part dog..? You sound like an all around wonderful kitten, and I am so glad that you are our Cat of the Day!

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    Oooooh, what a cutie patootie! I love kittens!

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    Oh I love that little face! Ella, you are so precious. Who could not want to hold you and kiss you and admire your cuteness all day!

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    Darling little Ella, you are WAY beyond cute!! How the farm could not want you is unfathomable. I'm happy that you now have an adoring home, and you are such a happy little girl. Congratulations on your Special Day!

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