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Thread: Hi Pebbles!!

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    Hi Pebbles!!

    Good morning to our cute Miss Pebbles, our fabulous DOTD!!! Aren't you just the prettiest girl around Pebbles? We can relate to playing with those cool squeaky toys too. Delilah can't squeak hers enough. If it squeaks, she loves it!! Anyone can see why Dad picked you Pebbles. Barking or no barking, you are truly irresistable!! Do you possibly have a little JRT mixed in there somewhere sweetie? You sure do have something of a JRT little facie. We would like to congratulate you today on your big day and we hope you have nothing but fun all day and night! You're a little sweetheart and we're happy we got to meet you this morning!! Happiness to all of you always. Please give Pebbles some kisses on that sweet mug for us

    Love, Daisy and Delilah in Sunny Florida
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    Thanks Barry!

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    Good morning Miss Pebbles, what a pretty little face you have. And you should be spoiled, shouldn't you sweetheart. Who could resist a girl who loves squeaky toys and playing fetch. Have a happy day with lots of treats, and congratulations on being our DOTD.

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    Hi Pebbles... You are so cute. I bet you are spoiled. Congratulations on DOTD. I got to see how pretty you are and to hear good things about you. Have a good life.

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    Oh Wow! What a cutie you are sweetie, you sure made me smile this morning

    I'm so glad that you now have a great forever home and are so loved....have a great day!

    Huney, Bon & Simba-missed so very much
    Remembering all the Rainbow Bridge Pets

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    Hi there, Pebbles!! What a little cutie you are!! I hope you enjoy your special day with cuddling, playing with a squeeky toy, and just enjoying your special day, sweetie, as you definitely deserve it!!
    Krista- owned by Rudy, Dixie, Miagi & Angel

    Rocky, Jenny, Ginger Buster & Tiger .. forever loved & always in my heart..

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    Precious Pebbles, you are such a pretty girl!! You look like you are ready for a cuddle in your picture, too cute. You have the most lovely face and the sweetest eyes. Congrats to PRETTY PEBBLES!!!

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    What a most beautiful beagle babe adorns our screens today...make that a beautiful "Beagle blend!" Whatever the combination, you're perfectly precious, Pebbles! And oh, what a cute name to accompany that adorable face! Of course your Daddy couldn't resist you... you're simply irresistible! I'm so glad to know that such a deserving doggie found her way to such a fabuous forever home where always and forever, you will be spoiled rotten Party hearty today, sweetheart! Make sure the humans keep throwing that ball till they drop and squeak with abandon, it's your special day! Congratulations to precious Pebbles, our most deserving, cutest ever Dog of the Day Sending bunches of hugs and kisses to you, beautiful Pebbles!

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    Pebbles, what pretty girl you are! I have a pup that likes to squeak her toys too so I can relate to that! Congratulations on DOTD! Hope your day is special!
    Forever in my heart...

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    Oh Pebbles, what a sweet face you have! I would have to agree, you look pretty irresistible to me. Enjoy your special day, sweetie. Lots of squeaks and treats for Pebbles today!!!

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    If you ever visited our home, Pebbles, you would go crazy like a kid in a candy store! We collect the old, vintage squeaky toys circa 1960s and have them around in various displays on the floor . . . our kitties don't bother with them, but doggies surely would, huh pretty Pebbles?!

    Interesting that you aren't a barker as I believed most beagles to be . . . maybe I am under a misperception, or it could be the shepard in you simply offset the yapping gene . . . who knows!

    You are delightful and I congratulate you on being chosen as our special DOTD, darling Pebbles! Enjoy squeaking lots of toys today while you celebrate this special day of honour!

    Avatar courtesy of Kimlovescats . . . many thanks!
    EvErY LiFe ShOuLd HaVe NiNe CaTs

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