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Thread: Doogie Is Coming Back

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    Doogie Is Coming Back

    Well, Doogie's family called me today and they want to return him this week-end. According to them he has HUGE seperation anxiety issues and they simply can't deal with it. I'd had a feeling this was going to be the outcome and have been preparing myself for this for the past couple of weeks.

    On one had, I'm so very sorry for Doogie. To get attached to a family and then be given up. On the other hand, I said from the very beginning that if he came back, I was going to keep him. I didn't have nearly as many issues with him as they said they're having so I really don't know what to think. We warned them that he really couldn't be crated. He slobbered (looked like he'd pee'd in there, but it was slobber) and cried and hurt himself trying to get out and actually escaped the crate once. My husband came home to him and my very dog aggressive dog out together (eek) and amazingly they were just chillin' and were best buds after that. So I'd resorted to tethering him and he did fine with that but there were other dogs around and I wonder if that helped.

    I've been doing a TON of research on SA and am trying to prepare for the worst, but it's just so hard for me to believe that he's that bad. I'm wondering if he needs to be in a home with other dogs as my house is very hectic and there's always activity and he seemed happy here. They started him on doggie Prozac but I think I'm going to chuck that and see how he does here. I think I'd rather try to work on it and train it out rather than resort to drugs right off.

    I just wonder if this is going to be an adoptable dog at all. I mean, if I get him all straightened out and ok on the SA stuff, if we adopt him out to another family, will they have to start all over again?

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    dog prozac? omg....wat are people coming up with now a days...soon theres gonna be lipo for dogs im glad your takin him it seems he's chosen you to be his owner
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