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Thread: Testing What I Think I'm Learning About Photos

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    Born in Phoenix, Arizona, spent most of my life in Oregon, and returned to Arizona upon retiring.

    Testing What I Think I'm Learning About Photos

    Let's see if I read the directions right.

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    Vicenza, Italy
    You got it.

    My rainbow bridge babies have forever left their paw prints on my heart.
    Lilith & Vixen, taken too soon. I love you always.

    Signatures, avatars & blinkies if anyone wants one pm me with color,
    font and background preference and with pics and names of pets.

    Lilith's Catster Page Vixen's Catster Page

    Vote for my furry ones on the cat & dog channels
    Vixen, Bella, Vega, Frost, Phoenix & Artica

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    at beginning of the script.
    aww lovely coodew!! *waving hi!*

    (yup, you got it - hooray!)

    so,..welcome! & what's h(er) name? coodew? he's a beau! and happy. he reminds me of my harlan.

    rest and sleep softly sweet locke..

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