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    Learning languages

    I would really love to learn fluent Japanese. The problem is there isn't any classes (that I'm aware of) that I haven't already taken. There is 2 course in university for introduction to japanese, which I took. It doesn't go any further though.

    I've been looking online for tutors around here, but no luck. I KNOW there are people here who can speak Japanese. PEI is a place the japanese love to visit (because of Anne of Green Gables??) and there are tour groups for them and all that.

    How can I go about finding a tutor? I don't want to randomly ask people incase that is considered rude...but I *really* want to learn it. I've learned a lot on my own, and in class...but I couldn't have a conversation with anyone unless it's like "hi, how are you? nice weather" or something..hahah. That won't take me far

    I can't "travel" anywhere to learn it, and I can't find any good online tutorials. I think I would need someone to talk to, not reading some random tutorial.

    Any ideas?

    Sorry for the pointless thread...

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    Hm.. don't feel rude asking someone you know (or don't)!

    The way I became good friends from someone from South Korea who came to Canada was asking her if she could teach me some Korean.

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    I was just thinking about this! I'm taking a quickie course on Mandarin (I speak Canto) and the program Rosetta Stone was mentioned. I hear it really does work and I know many schools use the program as a reinforcer. Unfortunately, it *is* pricy, but you should still check it out:

    You can also approach your instructor and ask for one-on-one training to improve your proficiency. Adult schools sometimes offer more advanced classes, too. I know a local adult school that offers conversational Japanese while the local community college only offers an introduction to Japanese.

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    Try posting on craigslist, see if there are Japanese speakers who might want to tutor you, or just meet to converse!

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    Since your area gets lots of Japanese tourists, you could call the local tourism bureau or association. They probably know where to find a translator who might be willing to teach too.

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    Maybe Missy (Sirrahsim) can help you?

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    Have you thought about contacting the Japanese embassy in Ottawa? They might be able to "hook" you up with some Japanese speakers (citizens) who live in PEI.

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    One thing that I tried that helped me pick up more Japanese (I took a couple classes in college) was to join a couple of Pen Pal sites for Japanese speakers, and chatting on MSN and things - doing a trade for english skills for japanese skills. I also mentored ESL for Japanese co-op students in college - don't know if thats a possibility either.

    a couple sites: (look up Japanese speakers)

    Also, I like Glacier's suggestion to contact the local tourist board - maybe they have some information, or the possibillity to volunteer to show the sites to some Japanese visitors? Also, depending on your situation, theres always homestay programs, or being a host home for japanese students (i did that for one semester, and it was a lot of fun)

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