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Thread: My Aqua Gang

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    My Aqua Gang

    I haven't posted photos of my guys in over a year, so I tried hard to make them look fairly good. However taking pics of hyper fish is quite hard.

    Jack is 5yrs old & hes a Jack Dempsey. He should be over a foot long, but hes a midget & stopped growing at 6 inches. I'm not complaining. When JD's reamin small they remain super cute. You can see Sinneh aswell.

    Mango is 4yrs old & hes a Red Devil. Hes about a foot long & has a mouth full of not so nice teeth I fear the day I don't move fast enough & he tears my hand apart. He use to be more orange, but with age, he started to turn white. I refuse to feed him those colour inhancers, but I don't care, hes still my evil fishy.

    Hes all puffed up hehe

    FEED ME!!!

    Going to play with his plastic bird ring


    Mango attacking the hose
    Mango bitting his plastic bird ring
    Mango attacking a bubble
    Mango swimming with the plastic bird ring

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    OMG I forgot about Sinneh.

    Sinneh is an Apple Snail & I've had him sinch March. He lives with Jack & is about the size of a golf ball & will grow until the size od a large apple.

    He loves that bubble wand. He'll open up his foot into the shape of a cup & hte bubbles will bring him to the surface & then he'll angle his foot in the direction he wants to go.. hes one smart snail

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    Sinneh as also learned that if he keeps his antena's tucked inside Jack won't bother him at all. but as soon as those antena's come out Jack bites them off. Jack has only bitten Sinney 3 times until he learned this trick.. he'll bring out his antena's at night when Jack is sleeping.

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    Wow! Those are some big fish! They're really cute too! How big of a tank do you have? Are the two of them together or in different tanks? I really don't want to go that big, just interested.
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    Wow! Mango is gorgeous!!! I just love his colors!! Jack and Sinneh are also very cute! Thanks for sharing!

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    Those fish live on their own. Jack is in a 30. Hes doesn't eat if hes in a larger tank. Mango is not a friendly fish. he attacked the other 2 Red Devils I got him with & as u can tell, they didn't make it.

    When Jack was ill, I had to give him my 7 inch Goldfish. Jack isn't fish friendly & he really needed a fish that would last long with him, to regain his strength. Jack was found dry on the floor & Rob brought him back to life, but he was not normal. By chasing the goldfish around, he was able to swim properly again & was able to eat food.

    Then I gave Mango the Goldfish & well. the goldfish lasted a whole 30 seconds, it died instantly.

    EDIT: Mango is in a 55g

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    Thanks for the reply. Was just curious! I love some of these big fish I see on here but don't have the room to go to those big tanks!
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    Those are some neat fish and snail you have there. I'm so used to seeing Bettas on here this was a cool change.
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    These fish r so smart. Well maybe not Mango, I think hes retarded or something hehehe j/k Hes just pure EVIL.

    If u ever want fish with brains & personalities, get a med-large cichlid.

    Oscar was still the smartest fish going & from what I read they r the smartest cichlid. You can teach Oscars all kinds of tricks, however they learn alot of stuff on their own.

    The only bad thing is, is that most cichlids must be on their own For me it just means more tanks to care for.

    But if u ever have any nasty bugs u find, these fish will eat them, no matter how big the sting is or the pinchers on an earwig.. shutters just thinking of that bug.

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