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Thread: touching story I just saw on the news

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    touching story I just saw on the news

    I just watched this on the news, this woman is amazing, she said the most important thing was teaching her children to be honest.
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    I have been frosted!

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    See u never know what u'll get in return, when u return a lost wallet to the owner with nothing touched

    I've done the same when I was young. I found a mans wallet beside a car & assumed it had to be the drivers. I opened the wallet hoping to find his picture. I took the id out & waited a few cars away for someone to return. I matched the guy & gave him back everything. He gave me 20.00 & a hug I must have been maybe 8

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    What a lovely story!!

    Thanks for posting it. It helps put our own lives in perspective.
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    Originally posted by NoahsMommy
    It helps put our own lives in perspective.
    Boy Kelly you said a mouthful there. It really does help put our own lives into perspective doesn't it. And it seems the "good guy" here is not going to finish last. I am sooo glad they are going to help this lady and her babies out.

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