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Thread: Unkown Breeds

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    Unkown Breeds

    I recently went to Canada on Friday with my dogs, there were LOTS of other dogs being walked around there. I had no idea how to name the breeds, so I went up to some of the owners and asked. One said they had a Catahoula Collie, another said they had a Boston Retriever, another said they had a Canadian Boxer? another said they had a Bull Russell, these are only a couple of the ones some of the people said they had. The Catahoula Collie was a series of colors, like a merle color, but looked like a Border Collie. the Boston Retriever looked like a Golden Retriever with Boston Terrier colors. The Canadian Boxer looked like a grey brindle Boxer, a color I have never seen in my life before. And the Bull Russel looked like a form of a Bull Terrier and a Jack Russel Terrier. I of course, didn't believe them, but what if they have some kind of other culture of dog breeds in Canada? I dont know, but it was pretty wierd. And if they were just giving a mixed breed dog a purebred name, I hate that, it's so, UGH. Like the GoldenDoodle and the Labradoodle, are now actually getting recognized of people!! EEK.

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    So many people are doing that these days

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    There is no such thing as any of those breeds -- they were probably just mixes of the breeds. I live in Canada, and I've never heard anyone call their dog something like that, beyond the names of the designer dogs like cockapoos and labradoodles, and I work in a grooming parlor so I know it's not some "Canadian" thing.

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    I also live in Canada and have never heard of any of those. I've seen the regular Labradoodles and other so called breeds but that's about it. I hate when people breed mixes purposely....

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    also canadian and I have never heard of these either, the catahoula collie looked like a merle BC? BCs do come in merle... lol I am guessing it was a catahoula BC mix or something lol
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    im canadian too and im sure americans would have alot more names for mutt dogs then us seeing as theres so many more people and i bet all countries have their own names for mutt breeds i sometimes tell people my dogs a german king retriver but its not real its just the names of his breeds king sheperd/golden retriver
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    I sent Malinois a private message about this thread and she said most of these people were in a hotel

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