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Thread: Update on the BABIES! *cute cute cute warning*

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    Update on the BABIES! *cute cute cute warning*

    Sissy and babies are doing great! We had a brief bout of an eye infection in three of the little ones but they have been getting eye drops and salve and it seems to be all gone now. Other than that everyone seems to be in perfect health.

    I know this picture is fuzzy but it shows how poor little Sissy just seems to disappear under all those cute little fuzz balls!
    Poor Sissy!

    Here I am being attacked by Little Black Bear #1

    Where ever Little Black Bear #1 is Little Black Bear #2 is soon to follow! Those two are inseperable and each one wants to do whatever the other one is doing.
    Little Black Bear #2 wanted to play just like #1

    This one is the monster of the group! Always talking, always busy, and a bit of a bully with the others. He/she actually spit at me yesterday and cracked me up!!! Very lovable too when you can finally wear it out!

    The little smoke baby loves to snuggle and still sucks it's paw when its sleepy.

    I don't know what Ms Tortie Britches saw on the door but it seemed to freak her out!

    Here she attacked the camera.

    Hold on....more pictures coming in next post!
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