A few years ago, he was having to go to Moffit Cancer center because he was making too many red blood cells. That was under control and not too dangerous. They told him if it ever went to making too many white blood cells that would probably mean Leukemia and the life expectancy from that would be three months. Well, mom just got back with him from the doctor and his body is making too many white blood cells. We are not telling him that because he has been doing a little better while using oxygen at night. Now he has to have a bunch of tests to find out if it is Leukemia. I feel kind of guilty because I haven't enjoyed spending time with him lately. He won't do anything for himself and just sits all day and watches tv and eats there, too. He gets me and mom to do everything for him. I want to scream at him to get up and walk some before you aren't able to do it any more. I just hate that he won't do anything for himself that would help him. I get angry at him because I know he's not helping himself this way. So now, I need to ask for patience because I don't know what the future holds.