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Thread: Drawf Rabbit Life Span

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    Drawf Rabbit Life Span

    Hey all,
    I'm sorry if theres already a thread about Drawf Rabbits, but i'm just wondering if you know how long an average weight, average size and healthy drawf rabbit lives?
    i've tried to find some information, but i guess i'm not the best =)
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    What kind? Netherland Dwarf? There's a;; kinds of rabbit info available on the web - start with .

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    I was told our dwarf rabbit could live up to 8 years old. However, it died at only 3 1/2 months old. Be very cautious if you allow it to roam the house so that it doesn't get into anything potentially harmful. A rabbit's health can and will decline rapidly, therefore, if you notice any changes at all in it's behavior, eating, etc., seek medical attention for it immediately. Their immune systems are quite different form cats/dogs. Thumper was a birthday present for my 9 year old daughter, and she just passed away 2 weeks ago. Devistating!

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