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Thread: Had a Bed fellow

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    Had a Bed fellow

    I had a little bedfellow this morning.When Dad gets up,he gets Fritz out of bed.Normally he would go to my parent's bed,but he couldn't get Mom's attention so he come to me.Dad usually closes my door in the morning,but he didn't today and then Fritz came in at 5 a.m.,stood with his front paws on the bed,jumped up,gave me a kiss and then went to the end of my bed to curl up and snooze.He's doing that same thing right now in the living room chair.Usually takes him the whole day to get mobile and when he does watch out!
    thanks very much devon. I have been boo'd.

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    Lucky you, Barry. I can't think of anything more pleasant than being awakened by a Fritz kiss, even if it is 5:00 in the morning.

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    Fritzie, you're so cute little man. Don't worry, you'll always find plenty of people to desire a little snooze with you Fritz. Lucky Barry. Today he wins the prize!! Be a good boy Fritz. The Aunties will be coming soon

    Love, your little chihuahua buddies in Florida, Daisy and Delilah

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    What a good boy FRITZIE. Kisses first thing in the morning.....that's what life's all about.

    ~siggy by LEXILOVER~thanx~

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    wow you got up early Fritz, nice for you to keep Barry company

    thanks k9krazee for the signature!

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