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Thread: Just a big tummy?

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    Just a big tummy?

    Lightning has a big tummy. It sort of hangs down, if you know what I mean. He is not overwhieght in any other spot, and he's perfectly healthy. I just wanted to see if he was wierd (like usual)

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    I know what ya mean. MooShoo's pouch touches the ground when he sits or lays down. See??

    I think Lightening has an advantage in that he's got fur to hide his. Unfortunately, Moo doesn't.

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    My cats TicTac and Smokey both have "udders" which hang down. Smokey HATES when I touch hers!
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    Yes, this is very normal. Even my skinny boy Sunny who is an Aby mix has this. I think it's due to being neutered but I'm not sure.
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    you mean their flubby? That's what I call it. Even skinny Mishi has one.

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    "Flubby"? I like that! Dylan has a pooch under his belly - it waddles when he runs and even his long fur does not hide it It is a nice, normal flubby!! If he is just standing still - he looks very fit. Well sort of fit

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    Thanks-I was just curious. Lightning's "flubby" wiggles back and forth when he runs, too. It's so funny! He just came up and asked what I was doing on the computer and not paying attention to him. I told him. He said not to write anything bad about him-his tummy is normal and he is NOT fat. Every other cat's tummy is just to small.
    Thanks again!
    Lightning theSuperCat!

    "A recent study says that over 100% of all cats are nuerotic. That estimate is probably on the low side"

    "Most cats need 24 hours of sleep a day. Many cats need more than that"

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    This is interesting, I thought it was just female cats that got the pouch thing after spaying, as they got older, like a middle-aged spread. (Like some ladies get rather wide round the abdomen after a hysterectomy). And of course the "bingo wings" under the arms
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