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Thread: My Posting Dilemma and Explanation

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    My Posting Dilemma and Explanation

    Now, I just want to say first off...I didn't start this thread to draw attention to myself but instead to post a legitimate explanation/apology to everyone....
    As many of you know, the computer that I have access to at home right now is EXTREMELY old. It runs Windows 95 and I am using AOL 4.0! to search the Internet and email. There are many many webpages that I can not even look at because this browser is so old and will not support them. I have tried downloading updated ones to no avail. I don't know if there is something wrong with the computer or if there is just not enough system resources to do so.
    Anyway, I am SO SO Happy that I can even get Pet Talk! But, every time I am on I feel bad and I felt the need to explain myself so as to avoid any hurt feelings or misinterpretation...When I click on a post to read it, it takes about 1 full minute for that post to come up and that is without pics or avatars or signatures. Then, if there is more than one page, I have to go forward page by page rather than skipping to a later one because my computer doesn't understand how to do that!! If I want to see a picture someone posted, I can click on the link and then I start praying!! Most of the time it comes up in a few minutes, sometimes I can't see anything at all.
    I can't see videos or download any news stories that are posted with a link. If I have more than 2 windows open, the computer gets a fatal error and shuts down.
    So, my point of all this is to explain to all my fellow Pet Talkers why I don't often post. Certain threads are harder than others for me to see and follow when I have to go so slowly and can't often see the pictures/videos/newsclips etc... Also, until dial-up number was a long-distance number so I had to limit my time on the computer to looking for jobs and email and posted only when Collin wasn't home counting the minutes Oh and I also can only post smiles, sad faces, grins and winks since those are the only smilies whose "letters" I recognize and remember....
    So, to everyone, I apologize if I haven't been as active a member as I want to be and as I feel I should's just hard right now technically.
    Collin and I have talked and I have explained to him my need for a new computer and we have agreed that when I do find a job, I will get a new computer and high speed internet. Could be awhile since money is always an issue...but I will do the best I can to get one ASAP!
    I have already picked out the Dell that I want and all we have to do is order it! (Online at the library of course, because I can't download the Dell page on this computer ironic is that!
    I thank you all for your patience and understanding and again I apologize if I have missed a thread that is important to you inadvertently. I try to search a few times a day to keep up but it's slow going...I hope I have explained why here...Everyone is welcome to PM me or email me at any time too!

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    I dont think you need to apologise for your technical issues! Trust me, there was a time when I clicked on the dialup thingy and prayed that it even went through!

    *hugs* I'm happy to read any postings you make at all! Im glad that dispite your computer, you still decide to post!

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    I hail from South Carolina, but Texas is where I hang my hat :)
    You certainly don't need to apologize, but, I think it's very polite of you to explain that it's not because you don't want's just cuz your computer is old. I think it's a very sweet post! I can't wait for you to get a new computer, good luck job hunting!
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    I think it is sweet that you took the time to post this...I am sure everyone understands~

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    Oh Jen, I know just seeing you back here and posting as often as time permits you is enough to make me smile. It's so great to see you here.

    Thank you for explaining your technical difficulties, i'm sure we all know where you're coming from and have been there once or twice!

    And.. this gives us something to look forward to, more posts from you in the future!

    ~Kay, Athena, Ace, Kiara, Mufasa, & Alice!
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    -rx bandits

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    Aw, how sweet!! Of course we understand Jen, you are a true Pettalker, and that is all that counts

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    No worries Jen, good luck with getting a job and a new computer.

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