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Thread: A website about Hartz flea medication - PLEASE read!

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    A website about Hartz flea medication - PLEASE read!

    This site is about animals who have had bad, in some cases deadly, reactions to Hartz flea medication. It's pretty scary, and when I worked in a pet store (which didn't sell Hartz) we heard similar horror stories from a lot of people. Please pass the word around...skimping and trying to get a cheaper flea medication may, in this case, have dire consequences.

    Thank you Wolf_Q!

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    I thought it was supposed to be taken off the market last month? It is still on shelves here though.
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    thanks for info
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    Originally posted by aly
    I thought it was supposed to be taken off the market last month? It is still on shelves here though.
    It has been discontinued, but it will take a while to pull all the more lives potentially lost till then *sigh*
    I posted a thread about the good news a while ago....
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    I saw that is has been discontinued, but as long as places are still selling it I figured why not caution people not to buy it.

    Thank you Wolf_Q!

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    I use Hartz on both Isis and Bull without any problems. I never knew it could be so dangerous. Guess I'll have to find other flea drops for them
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    It's very dangerous. I had a cat we almost lost due to hartz flea control "crap". She had a severe allergic reaction to it and we found her barely breathing with a think crusty foam forming around her nostrils and mouth. We called an emergency vet and they told us to get her into a warm bath and get all the flea product off of her and keep her in a warm steamy bathroom. To stay with her and if we did not see an inprovement within 30 minutes to call ( she gave us her home number) and to bring her in immediately. Luckily the warm bath to remove all the residue of the flea product and the streamy room cleared her up. She went the next day to the vet and that is when we were told about the product being unsafe and that it could have been much worse. Our vet at that time told us that she had seen several cats pass on due to the effects of the stuff.

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    Its no just hartz that ou sould warn people about, any flea product has the capacity to create this kind of reaction in animals and most companies have as many complaints as hartz. The ingredients in all flea products are made to KILL fleas and ticks and can also do harm to pets. If you want a proper product you have to research the ingredients. Even the expensive products have caused reactions like those on certain animals.
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    I saw it in Walmart today - on sale no less. I was half tempted to take a marker and write a note that this product was discontinued due to harmful effects.

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    Kim, that is exactly what I was going to say.
    I went to my local Wal Mart store last week and they had it on sell for like 75% off (like 2 dollars for 4 tubes). An old lady was looking at it and I told her about it being unsafe and thats why it is on sell, because they have discontinued it. She didnt buy it, thank goodness!

    Thank you so much Michelle!

    Please be responsible, spay and neuter your pets!

    I've been BOO'd!!! Thanks Lori!

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    It's too bad that all of that stock has to be sold.

    Everyoen remember to watch out for Proheart 6 too. I guess most of us remember Kia's story. Proheart was put back on the market a few months ago.
    I've been BOO'd!

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