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Thread: Dolly went to her new home!

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    Dolly went to her new home!

    My mom explained something to me about Dolly and I finally get it. See Dolly was never really our dog, she was just a foster. The reason I thought we were keeping her was because my dad told me we were and my mom didn't really decide about it, so I guess what happened was we had to keep Dolly until she got spayed and then my mom was going to find her a home anyways wether she was potty trained or not. My mom was just going to use the excuse that she wasn't potty trained so that my dad would change his mind about it, turns out my mom had talked to a lady that works as a nurse at our vet's office and she wanted Dolly. So when the potty training talk didn't work out my mom got into a long conversation with my dad about how Dolly hates Maggie and Marty(which she did, but she usually just ignored them) and that Dolly would be better off in her new adoptive family, because they had a very calm boston terrier and it's just the lady and her husband. Dolly would be much happier there. Finally my dad agreed that Dolly would be best off in the new home, so Dolly left and as I heard, she's loving it! She only has to share her new people with one other dog and gets all the attention she wants, I'm very happy for her and that I get updates everytime I go to the vet. I hope no one is angry that I had a misunderstanding and told people this was our dog when it wasn't. I'm very very sorry. I would have told you guys sooner but my computer is broken(I'm on my aunt's), I will be getting a new next week though, and next time I go to the vet I'll get a new update about how Dolly is doing and let you guys know!
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    Ah, I see! Well, it sounds like she will be happy there, thank you for updating us! Maybe you can go take some photos of her with her new fam? Good for you for doing what's right for Dolly.
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