I'm going to have an art table at Anime Week Atlanta in September! I was able to get a reservation placed in time! I'll have to really dig in and get the pens zipping through my sketchbook.

I plan on offering prints and on-the-spot comissions. Even got the pricing all figured up and am hoping to at least break even.

I'll have to give the local Fedex Kinko's a call to find out how much color prints run. Here's hoping they aren't too much. I know I can do them here at work for $1 a copy, but the boss man really doesn't want us to use the color copiers here since they're for sale.

Just a quick call to any anime fans around here - if you were going to buy a print of something, what would you be looking for? Art based on a particular show/game/etc? Original?

And to all PTer's who'll be in the area - Atlanta, Renaissance Waverly Hotel and Cobb Galleria, Sept 23-25! Come see me!