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Thread: The other Aussie mom

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    The other Aussie mom

    Kandi is due July 10th which if I do not get a pup from Story's litter I have first dibs on a merle male pet/performance pup from her litter.
    They are expecting blues & blacks only so there goes my red merle if I get one of her pups. But she sure is a cutie & a hyper one too. So friendly!
    Here she is:
    Soar high & free my sweet fur angels. I love you Nanook & Raustyk... forever & ever.

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    They're both beautiful dogs! Good luck on getting your pup, whichever litter it is from!
    Forever in my heart...

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    Kandi is beautiful too, good luck getting a pup, I know this has been hard for you waiting.
    Amber: Mom to Connor, Carson, Sadie, Maggie and Grant

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    They look great, the excitement must be unbearable

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