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Thread: Today's Cat - 28th June 2005

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    Today's Cat - 28th June 2005

    That's no barn cat! That's a Maine Coon. A gorgeous Maine Coon. I got my first Maine Coon four months ago and he has changed my life. They are the most wonderful cats in the world. Once you have a Maine Coon, you will never ever want another cat. Congratulations on having Barney - long may he reign!
    Monty's mum

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    I, too, think that he is a Maine Coon, or at least "mainely" coon. Beautiful boy--far too beautiful to be a barn cat. I am so glad he is finally being appreciated.

    Suggestion: If he's never been to see a vet, please take him in for a check-up. Problems like tooth decay or parasites in a cat of any age can cause great discomfort--even danger--and yet not be easily noticed by a cat's humans. Now I will butt out!

    Wishing you all a long, happy, healthy life together!

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    I am not a Maine coon "specialist", they are not common here, but I immediately thought Barney was a Maine Coon when I saw him!
    And I agree with you all, Barney should be the "Cat of the Year 2005"!!!
    My Peppito and I felt in love with Barney and his story, so I can't resist posting again!
    And for the previous owners of the house all I can say is !!! They don't know what they missed in their life !

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