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Thread: Walks?

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    It varies sometimes none at all () but sometimes up to 5.
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    Hey dog folks, how many walks does your dog get per day? Has it changed as he or she got older?
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    Towser always gets an AM and PM walk/jog (weather permitted). When I am off work for the day he gets an extra one after school and work traffic clears out in the morning.

    Sala (technically mom's dog) is an incredibly lazy little bum who would rather not venture outdoors the majority of the time. I still encourage her to take a little stroll around the block with me every other day.
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    Wolfy, my new boy, takes me for numerous walks per day, ranging anywhere between 15 minutes and a half hour each time. In the morning from when we get up around 6 a.m. and till noon, it's usually 4, and between noon and 8 p.m. it's between 4 and 6. I said I needed the exercise, and I'm really getting it now. We walk the 2 acre property here. Of course all of these walks, is weather permitting.
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    I don't walk my dogs. Too many dogs and wildlife around where I live. (one morning I happened upon a coyote while out walking!)
    I do have a huge fenced in yard though and get the dogs out for plenty of exercise.
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    Annette you can't drive them to somewhere safe for a walk every now and then? Or just go for a drive in general for a change of scenery.

    I am in a similar predicament here, too many lose dogs to be able to relax and just wander over to the park anymore. Mine get at least one big walk in my favourite forest once a week. The whole state is on severe weather warning today so we might not be able to go .

    They also get a lot of play in the yard, and various training & classes to go to every week.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cloverfdx View Post
    Annette you can't drive them to somewhere safe for a walk every now and then? Or just go for a drive in general for a change of scenery.
    Rhi, have you heard of the Canine Circovirus? My dogs aren't going anywhere walking where other dogs may have been. It's now been reported in Michigan killing dogs after killing dogs in Ohio, where I live and not far from where I live.
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