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Thread: Where does your dog like to take walks?

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    Where does your dog like to take walks?

    My dog Snowball likes to take walks where ever and whenever. but the funny thing is, whenever i walk her in the country (where I live) she tends to try and run. but if i walk her in town she WALKS next to me. this makes no sense, well maybe its because in town there are more cars? i dont know.

    plz help. im taking snowball for a walk tomorrow in town. she loves it there.

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    Dogs have certain areas where they like to run free and others they just walk because of people, traffic,etc.

    We take our dogs to alot of places to walk and run them free.

    My mom takes them to this field and lets them run free, she doesn't leash walk them.

    My dad and I take them to this one park where there is trails and they can run free in certain areas and then the female has to be leashed where the stream runs as she will go down there and its a fast running stream and she could get carried away in it.
    And there is another park where we let them run on the bottom part and the female loves it there as we do her frisbee and this ball toy and runs and the male runs after her and they have a great time and it really tires them out fast.
    Then we walk in this town but we have had trouble with loose rotweilers there so we don't go as we did.
    We walk three neighbourhoods in different areas which they also love going too.

    And they know when they get to run free and when they are leashed. We try to let them do both.

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    I think you have pretty much answered your own question. Dogs really aren't that complicated all the time, if you think of them from a commen sense point of view.

    Akina, my new foster Shiba, a dog who's life has mostly envovled of her former owners fenced back yard, and one other dog she lived with does better when there is no other people or animals along our walks, does better in a quiet area, and prefers to walk in an area that is lighted.
    Last night it was foggy and very dark out she seemed to be spooking herself.
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    mine aren't leash walked, actually they aren't walked. they walk themselves when ever they want. i usuall find them frogging in the pond behine the barn

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    Ditto: Anywhere and everywhere... especially if there's water nearby or along the way that he can jump in.

    Huey's a big time sniffer, so anywhere new is exciting for him or anywhere with tons of smells like in the woods.
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    my dog likes to take walks anywhere where there may be other dogs. he's very friendly to other dogs and loves making new friends.

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    the park lol, happy knows her way there off by heart, I dont walk her on a leash, because she is more comfortable that way(she is fear aggressive on leash, because she does not feel safe) she knows every turn and street crossing on the way to the park, and as soon as we get to near the park, shes off and she waits behind the fence for me. misty she loves walking to much, I really need to get her a halti because I have tried every other way to get her not to pull, nothing, nadda. and a GL is usless, misty can get out of one of those is a matter of seconds. I dont walk perky, I rarley walk Ripley, and occasionly walk shadow, my dad generally come by to take shadow for walks and runs, and takes her to work where she gets to run the greenhouses. lol blair does not go for walks either, I keep telling my mom she really does need to take him, that dog is terrifed of traffic.
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