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Thread: Boys Mother Charged In Fatal SF Mauling

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    Boys Mother Charged In Fatal SF Mauling

    SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) -- The San Francisco district attorney has decided to file charges against the mother of Nicholas Faibish, the 12-year old San Francisco boy killed in a dog mauling attack.

    Maureen Faibish has been charged with felony child endangerment with an enhancement of felony child endangerment that resulted in death.

    "There is clear evidence that the defendant knew her child faced serious danger when she left the home," said District Attorney Kamala Harris. "Based upon the facts, we are compelled to charge this case."

    Faibish reportedly locked her son in the basement while she went out to run errands on June 3, in order to keep him away from their family pit bulls Ella and Rex. The female dog, Ella, was in heat, and Faibish told the San Francisco Chronicle she believes Nicholas got out of the basement and interrupted the dogs as they were mating.

    Harris says Faibish's decision to lock her son in the basement was one that "endangered his life and ultimately led to his death" and called the attack "completely preventable."

    Faibish was served with an arrest warrant Thursday and remains in custody on $75,000 bail. She will be arraigned early next week.

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    I'm glad they put the blame where it belongs. They need to charge the father too since it was his idea to have these dogs for breeding to make himself some cash. NOW the mayor is contemplating spay/neuter requirements, no backyard breeding, and licensing for breeding. He also wants to push for breed specific legislation with Pit Bulls being at the top of the list. What a hard lesson learned and this boy had to lose his life and responsible Pit Bulls owners have to live with this woman's mistake.
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    I think that's awesome. She knowingly put her child in a dangerous situation. She fully admitted in the previous articles that she knew the dogs were dangerous because of them both being unaltered. Actually, when I first read about this, I couldn't believe she was freely admitting to all of that, I thought it would go this way. I feel bad for the other kids in the family.
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    It still blows my mind that she locked her son in the basement and left him I agree with Pit Chick, I'm glad they put the blame where it belongs. It's so tragic for the boy and the dogs. Those people had no common sence.

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    Wow....finally a dog mauling case I agree with!
    ...RIP, our sweet Gini...

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    Saw this in the newspaper on friday...... what a tragety. The mother of the boy is goin to jail for this, too. So horrible that she left in the basement.. alone...

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