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Thread: How to handle a thunderstorm!

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    How to handle a thunderstorm!

    These guys need to give Pingo some lessons. While Pingo was freaking out and hurting herself (pulled muscle while trying to run from thunder on wood floor!), Mac, Franklin and Sleet were unfazed by the thunderstorm.

    Franklin & Sleet hung out on the couch, with Twicket the cat. Franklin stayed there through the entire storm. Sleet went back and forth between her bed and the couch. It was pretty much over when I took this one--you can see the puddles outside the window from the rain and hail.

    I thought Mac would be terrified as he is a timid little guy, but he slept in the middle of the kitchen floor through it all. His equally timid brother, Ozzy, thought the downpour was great fun. He dug lots of new holes and played in the mud!

    Fortunately, storms are rare here. We get lightening but you can't really see it since it doesn't get dark. Full storms are unusual so hopefully Pingo won't get terrorized again this summer!
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    They sure do look relaxed! i love that pic of Mac, he has such nice coloring - did you get any pics of Ozzy all muddy? Little cutie-pies! Good thing Pingo lives way up north, she wouldn't like it here - along the Great Lakes, we get LOTS of thunderstorms with LOTS of lightening, too.

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    Here's hoping there are no more storms.
    Poor PINGO It's just alot of noise sweety.
    MAXIMUS has been doing suprisingly well
    through all these storms we've been having.
    Let's just hope you don't have any more.
    Doesn't look like anyone else is too concerned.
    I like the pic of them looking out at all that
    water. Ooo, and the mud. That's always fun.

    ~siggy by LEXILOVER~thanx~

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    That poor Pingo, she could just lay in between them all and she would be safe. If she doens't want to lay there, I will.
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    I take ypou you had the storm out there too? we were lucky over here, no flooding or hail or tornados, just thunder, wind blowing semi's off the highway, and rain lol I hope MariaM is ok, I heard it was pretty bad out where she lives I am so glad non of my babys have thunder phobia, Misty can deal with very loud thunder aboe her head but she cant deal with a motercycle revving up a block away
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