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Thread: This makes me so sad.. (Sweet Husky Girl)

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    This makes me so sad.. (Sweet Husky Girl)

    Someone posted this on another forum, and I thought i'd share it here just incase someone could help. These people disgust me. they got rid of their dog for 10 years because she didn't like their peacocks? Uh, hello... then keep her away from them!?? Not only that, but they wanted to kill her? Thank gosh she got away from those crazies. I'm hoping the best for this sweetheart.

    People make me so angry. Look how sweet and gorgeous she is.

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    That's so sad. She sure did get the rotten end of the deal. I hope someone can help her, she has a sweet smile.
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    This is just horrible. Shame on her owners! I really wish I could do something about this.....

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    hope she finds a good forever home - lucky to get away from such horrid people, wonder what they will do when they tire of the peacocks?!!!

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    She's gorgeous! I will never understand people dumping an animal.
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    Ditto to what chocolatepuppy said.
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