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Thread: Monday at 2 in the morning.....

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    Monday at 2 in the morning.....

    Oh my goodness! I have something to tell you all.

    Monday night at 2 in the morning... I was awaken by Beenie who was growling and barking very loud! She never barks. She was on my bed and looking towards the bedroom door.

    At that point, I was already freaking out. My husband fast asleep didn't hear her barking so I tried to wake him up.

    He wouldn't move.

    I get up and go towards the front of the house but don't see or hear anything.

    Beenie is still barking but this time she zooms in on the back porch. I follow her and listen carefully.... i hear gracragagagaaa (strange noises). I don't see anything so I turn on the back lights.....

    There in the middle of my back yard I see a small furry ball of orange???? (I have no glasses on).

    I run and get my glasses and to wake my husband (who finally got up). I return to focus on what looks like a tiny POM puppy!!!

    I go outside and get closer to it. It's crying and growling all at the same time. I pick him up hoping that he won't snap at me and he doesn't. I bring him in and start to get worried because it's panting so hard.

    My husband says he recognizes the puppy.... I don't.

    By 3 am. in the morning my husband convinces me that he belongs to a family down the street and across the road. (lucky thing didn't get run over)

    I go, in my pj's.... walk up the road, hoping noone thinks I'm a freak (walking around at 3 am. with a wet puppy in my arms).
    I ring the doorbell and a lady answers....

    It was her Puppy! She didn't even know he was gone.

    Whew.... I was so happy that ended the way it did!

    I saw (Spotty - his name) yesterday and he was so clean and pretty! He was doing fine!

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    HMMMMM.....I wonder how it got out in the first place? Poor little thing. Good thing your dog heard it. Amazing how good their hearing is, huh? Nice of you to bring it back.

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    Yay! BEENIE, you saved the day....well...the night....Good girl doing your job....Kisses on that sweet face...

    BTW, We've all been out at 3am in our jammies....right guys?

    Someone needs to care for their puppy a little better...

    ~siggy by LEXILOVER~thanx~

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    I know.... how can anyone NOT NOTICE thier baby was missing...
    Oh well, some people forget their kids.... it happens.

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    Beenie sounds like the a hero to me haha. Well i wonder how the pom got out?? .

    Well my aunt has told me the people who get robbed dont have dogs!! (most of them dont).

    Well good job beenie!!

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    yay, good thing it was you that found him!

    Niņo & Eliza

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    Good girl, Beenie. You are a hero to both Spot and Mom. Extra treats to Beenie!!!

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    I hope that mom will be more careful next time! Good work,


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    Good job Beenie, telling your Mommy that puppy out there needing help.
    Amber: Mom to Connor, Carson, Sadie, Maggie and Grant

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