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Thread: Gracie is at it again. :(

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    Gracie is at it again. :(

    This morning when my husband took Gracie outside, she caught another bird. This time she didn't do any damage to it. It flew out of our yard. Gracie caught the bird in mid flight.

    Is there any way to get her to stop doing this? We tell her drop it when she gets them and she does, but I really need her to stop catching them. I can't handle the sight of her catching them or hearing that she has caught another one. I am almost at the point of wanting to completly enclose my yard. Put a cover over the top of it or some thing so she can't do this anymore. I know I can't put a cover over the whole yard, but it's just one of the many things running through my head at this point.

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    Do you have bird feeders out? If so, I would get rid of them. You could always get a scarecrow.

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    she has a very high prey drive,, wow,,,,, in mid flight you say??

    Ummm how about big bright noisy toys to distract her from hunting instead?? Its my best idea for now!

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