I dont know what to do. I just moved to a new apt on april 25th. the former tenant did not have any pets (or at least the landlord was told he didnt..). at first I had the litter box in my bedroom. but then moved it to the bathroom. and things appeared to be fine. the cats all knew where it was and were using it.

then, on may 8th I adopted my new dog, Alki. felix is a scaredy cat, and I knew hed need time adjusting to her, but shes great with the cats and leaves them alone for the most part, as does brock. well alki wasnt potty trained when I got her, and would have pee & poo accidents in my room a lot. but some of the pee accidents didnt seem like they couldve been hers, like they were smaller or she wasnt even in the room at the time. so I was suspecting maybe felix was having accidents in my room (his hideout area is under my bed) because he was too scared to go to the bathroom. so I reluctantly moved the litterbox BACK to my bedroom.

but then! one of the cats had accidents in the bathroom, and someone (cats or alki) had a couple accidents in front of the bathroom in the hall on the carpet! so since the cats didnt seem to prefer the litterbox in the bedroom, and once felix was coming out of my bedroom willingly when alki was out too, I moved the box back to the bathroom.

and now I pretty much NEVER actually see felix use the litterbox, and occasionally I see him peeing along the wall in the livingroom!!! it stinks like PEE in here, and I know hes doing it when Im not around too. its frustrating also because I cant SEE the pee on the carpet!! its old carpet and I think because hes doing it along the wall that it seeps in along the edges! UGH the last thing I want to worry about is having to pay for recarpeting this place.

Im really frustrated because in the 9 years Ive had him he has NEVER done anything like this. I put foil along the walls in the livingroom (had to do this with my moms cat at the house and it worked 100%) but I dont think its helping. I tried cleaning the areas hes peed, but like I said I dont really know where all hes going.

also, I find no poop anywhere so either hes using the box sometimes, or the dogs are eating it (and I KNOW brock would GLADLY!). any advice is greatly appreciated. Im so frustrated and sad that hes doing this. Id NEVER give him up, dont worry, I just want to stop this!! THANK YOU