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Thread: Husky Peeing in house

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    Husky Peeing in house

    We have a 5 year old male husky and a 4 year old female husky. We exercise them a lot everyday and take very good care of them, but the male husky is perpetually afraid of everything it seems and he appears to pee in the house when he does not get what he wants. For example I take him out for a 45 minute run/walk in a field and he comes inside and lays down for a bit. We then decide we are going shopping and get our shoes on and everything. he thinks he is going outside again and will sit by the door and hunch his back and not do as we ask. If we try to put a leash on him and move him he just pees. When we are eating. He watches us eat the WHOLE time and i try little nos and discourageing looks and such, but he just keeps watching. Now today I put a pillow between the food and his eyes so he could not see it. he moved around a bunch trying but i kept the pillow between us. When i got up to clean up the dishes... he went and peed not 1 minute later. is our dog defiant in some way? What is the logic for what he is doing and HOW can We correct it?


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    Is he neutered? If not, he might be "marking" territory, although it seems like it's more of a control issue. You might want to institute the N.I.L.I.F. method - Nothing In Life Is Free - of training, to reestablish connection and who is in charge - that would be you!

    See here for a thread that explains NILIF.
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    I believe he is aware of the control, he responds well to direction and yes is neutered. He does it when he does not get what he wants. He does not challenge or anything of the sort. In fact when he does it he cowers in terror like he is expecting some sort of reprisal... yet we dont ever do anything to him. We say no and clean it up and try to wait as long as possible before taking him outside. My real thought is he is doing it to get outside, yet I am unsure how long he remembers what he has done and if he still is linking the peeing to beign taken outside? They say huskys are very intelligent, and these two are both very intelligent, but one seems to be unstable and crazy, yet the other is completely calm submissive. I have been reading up on the NILIF and we are doing that almost perfectly. Could there be some sort of other anxiety perhaps?

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    Do you crate train?

    I don't myself, but this may help, at least at the meal times. Meal times, both dogs go in their crates, perhaps with a long term chew, and you eat in peace. At least, that is the end result, once you work though the training. Be sure not to use the crate as 'punishment,' but rather as their safe place.

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