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Thread: More Info In SF Dog Mauling

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    Well, here's an easy solution......Don't keep aggressive and untrustworthy dogs around kids. In fact, don't keep untrustworthy dogs, period.

    If was so worried about her sons safety that she felt she needed to lock him in the basement, then they shouldn't have had those dogs.

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    Originally posted by Cheshirekatt
    If was so worried about her sons safety that she felt she needed to lock him in the basement, then they shouldn't have had those dogs.

    she should have taken the kid with her, or put the dogs in a seperate room...

    frankly she shouldn't have had the dogs if she was worried for her sons safety.

    she needs to be charged with reckless endangerment in my opinion. she knew the dogs were dangerous, which is why she put the kid in the basement, and she knew her kid would not listen but put him there anyway.

    ugh, that whole thing is disgusting

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    Originally posted by moosmom

    You got THAT one right!!! Um, but why not lock the DOGS in the basement rather than your kid??

    If this woman has anymore kids, they need to be taken from this whackjob.

    STUPID, STUPID, IRRESPONSIBLE PET OWNERS!! This one defintely takes the cake!!
    You got that right! There are just way too many inconsistencies here, and it seems to me like she valued these vicious dogs more than her own child's life. She obviously knew the dogs were vicious (why else would she be locking her kid in the basement with a shovel???)...WTF is she doing breeding them??
    They don't sound like nice dogs AT ALL. This whole situation is very mental. Everything is completely backward, IMO. Her dog "being possessive" is no reason for him to be so vicious to the point of killing a family member. There's no way these dogs were nice like this nut job lady claims they were.
    sad, sad,'s people like this that really give these types of breeds a bad name...

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