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Thread: Bonzo goes to Washington??

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    Bonzo goes to Washington??

    Monkey works for the government

    A langur monkey has been employed by an Indian government minister - to scare away other monkeys.

    The Indian Minister for Human Resources, M A A Fatmi, has taken on the langur, as well as a professional monkey catcher.

    He hopes their combined efforts will scare off the monkeys that invade his office, trashing light fittings and ripping up documents.

    "They scare away the monkeys and cage the more naughty ones. So things are better now," a spokesman told the Hindustan Times.

    Minister Fatmi had to move into the bungalow after the petroleum minister refused to because of the daily simian onslaught.

    Four langur monkeys and two professional monkey catchers are also employed in parliamentary and government buildings in New Dehli.

    All offices have been given caged doors and the 'langur force' patrols the buildings at night after a series of official documents were torn to shreds and several civil servants bitten.

    "We are trying our best. In our drive in March we captured 101 monkeys and sent them to the Delhi government's monkey shelters in Rajokri," Ved Prakash, the municipal supervisor in New Dehli added.


    And I thought they were talking about the senators from Cah lee fuh nee ah!
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    We need to send Mario over there to show them some manners!

    We will send him with a case of cherries too!

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    Just as long as he has all his vaccinations cause those are some funky monkies over there.
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