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Thread: Star likes to play Peek a Boo

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    Star likes to play Peek a Boo

    Believe or not, one of Stars favorite games is to play peek a boo with me. How we play it is, I will hide behind a corner and I will peek at her and say "peek a boo". This usually results in Star running to the corner and attacking in her playful way. Some times she even hides behind a corner when I am about to walk by and she jumps out at me. This is a nightly game we play.
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    Aww, that is sooooo cute! Sounds like fun!!!
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    how cute!

    Thanks Devon (flamepony12) for the

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    Lightning likes to do that too-behind bokes, chairs, my bed, anywhere!
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    thats sounds like so much fun!
    Thanks so much Ashley for the siggy!
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    Giz plays the potty game with me, when I go to the poty, she jumps in the bathtub and wants me to play with her. Peek a boo comes when I try to make the bed... You can not make the bed with that silly girl in the house. You fan the covers and she runs under, we play monster attacking through the covers and she runs out to see if it is indeed me and not a monster, then she runs back under and we play some more... Then it is peek a boo and she'll run in and out... She is such a hoot!

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    My Felix luvs playing that game too!! He makes this funny noise when I catch him off's hilarious Is'nt it soooo much fun?

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