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Thread: For those who dogs that have hotspot & such

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    For those who dogs that have hotspot & such

    Hi i am a new poster.I have recently been reading alot of others post.Some of the posters dogs,seem to have allergy's.Good dog food will also help stop hot spots,amd alot of other allergies.Biting of the paws is also another allergic reaction.Store bought dog food is usually not at its best for your dog.Wellness dog food,does wonders for my grandmothers chow.Heres the link to Wellness dog food

    Heres another link to compare dog food for yourself.You will be suprised,when you find out the dog food.That your dog could be allergic to.My dogs are allergic to pedigree dog food.I switched to Chicken Soup For The Pet Lovers Soul Dog Food.Itd also really good dog food.Some peoples dogs do good on pedigree dog food,all dogs are different though.

    To much shedding is another result of allergic reaction to dog food.With chicken soup my dogs don't shed heavily like they use to.Brewers yeast is another high allergen in dogs.Here is a link to check for good,and bad dog ingredience.That could be in your dogs food.This link will show you the ingredience to avoid.Heres the link

    Heres the link to pet foods that some of you might have never known about.Because these dog foods are not advertised as much.Any type of dog food that requires more then 2 1/2 cups a day,dosen't have enough nutition that you dog needs.Heres the links

    Chicken Soup For The Pet Lovers Soul

    This link will let you compare all dog foods

    Heres the links to other primeum dog foods
    Solid gold dog food

    Canadae dog foods

    Sensible Choice dog foods

    What you feed your dog,makes a difference in their health.
    If you want any more links to primeum dog foods,PM me
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