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Thread: What do you ROUTINELY say to your cats?

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    What do you ROUTINELY say to your cats?

    We all know that you talk to your cats. So what do you find yourself saying (over and over again)?

    Obviously I say "I love you".

    I say "You are the bestest Boy....but don't tell the others I said that." (I never say that to the girls )

    I often say "NO TRIPPING!!!" Because they are always under foot.

    I say "Rutherford! My lap is empty!" And he will always come running.

    I say "Mama's boy." an awful lot.

    Oh yeah, I need to say "Leave Fern alone!" quite often too.

    So what do you repeat often?

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    Western Washington
    "Get off of my keyboard"
    "Get your butt out of my face"
    "Out of the way" ***as they are weaving in and out of legs***
    "Leave the plants alone"

    Seem that they're always mischevious unless they're sleeping, oh well.

    Buzz is "grumpy ol man"
    Missy is "fat girl"
    Emmie is just plain "ems"
    Ashly is "skinny girl"
    Quki is "cookers"
    Hannah , when I see her " hi hanny anny girl, how are you today?"

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    Well for Chuck it's usually

    "Wanna go nite nite with mama?" or "Hey Buddy!"

    Hard to say because I talk to him all the time. LOL My daughter will say, who are you talking to?

    I'm like, oh I was just asking Chuck if he liked my outfit! ROTFLMAOPMP!
    "The best and most beautiful things cannot be seen or touched - they must be felt with the heart." ~~ Helen Keller
    Chuck (rb) meowmie misses you!


    thanks kittycats_delights for the sig!

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    Tabbyville, PA

    I tell Abby she's my favorite girl. I also tell her she's the prettiest girl I ever saw. I always tell her that I have a lap waiting for her.

    I tell Pouncer I love him more than anything.
    I am also always telling him to "leave her alone" referring to Abby as he's about to torment her, or when he's about to bother Minette.

    Harry simple gets a happy voice saying "HARRY!" He looks up at me as if to say "thats ME!" and then he gives me a little murpy sound back. He's also SUCH a boy... every morning he sleeps right on my feet, or behind my knees. I get up every morning and tell him not to move... then he sniffs my hand and ducks his head as I'm about to pet him.... can't have meowmie showing him any love now! I alos have a conversation several times a day where he tells me he's STARVING and I tell him he's not.

    Allen often gets asked questions (since he's the King and knows all) questions like: Where's Pouncer? What are the little oens up to?

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    indianapolis,indiana usa
    "One of you guys had better get a job soon" Said usually
    after coming home from PetsMart & buying kitty food & toys.
    I've Been Boo'd

    I've been Frosted

    Today is the oldest you've ever been, and the youngest you'll ever be again.

    Eleanor Roosevelt

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    Shhh it's a secret;)
    I usually say

    "Colin, STOOPPPP!!"

    "Hey Sexy Butt"

    "No, you can't go outside today"

    "Hey pretty girl"

    "Momma doing good?"

    "oh look at the babies, there so vicious!"(that's in baby talk when I say it)

    That's pretty much it.
    "To all the dogs I've loved before...Who traveled in & out my door...I'm glad you came along...I dedicate this song to all the dogs I've loved before"

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    Belgium, near Ghent
    "Get of that table!!"

    "Inka! Stop pestering Maya!!"

    "Nooooooooooooooo !!!"

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    "Edwina! Stop beating up Eddie!"

    "I'm right here, Eddie!"

    "You're the prettiest girl kitty in the world!"

    "You're the prettiest boy kitty in the world!"

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    To Missy, you're such a pretty little blue kitty!
    To Sassy, you're such a pretty kitty, tiger out of the jungle!
    To Missy, please move, why do always have to lay on the steps?
    To Sassy, if you beat up on Missy one more time you're going outside to live! ( I wouldn't do it, but maybe she believes me )
    Forever in my heart...

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    Well my husband would be very happy to let you all know that I never shut up! I talk to the cats all the time. Day and night no matter where I am or what I'm doing my mouth is going with one of them. There are a few things that are constantly repeated to some of them.

    When Magoo is "running" more like trotting, away from me I chase him saying
    Putterbutt, putterbutt, I'm gonna getcha putterbutt!

    Peanut Butter is a major potty lovin kitty. Hubby always says the same thing to him
    "You big momma's boy" over and over and over! PB then comes running out of the bathroom and jumps in my lap.

    There are phrases that are repeated throughout the day like...
    Ok, who knocked that over?, Who's growling?, Magoo get away from the litter box!, Rosco what have you done now?, LEEEEEEEEEEEROY don't do that!!!, Geez Maggie Sue why do you always have to be such a B*^&% about everything?, Rosco stop touching Leroy!, Pete what do you want???, I don't want a nap! You guys can go to bed without me!!!, Peanut Butter the bathroom window is not exclusivly yours. I don't see your name on it!!!, Pepper Jack stop tormenting your sister!

    Stuff like that....all day looooooooooong!!

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    USA-Southern, NH
    All kinds of things, but usually it is "Everyone please be good and don't pick on Rusty", "Who wants breakfast, supper, crunchies etc.," "Has anyone seen Gidget" (this since her operation where she is hiding alot), "Fluffadoodledoo where are you", "Rusty, don't sit on the stairs you are going to get stepped on", "Garfield, must you sit on your Daddy all the time?" I could go on, but those are the most frequently uttered phrases.

    Thanks so much kittycats_delight for the beautiful siggy and avatar of my kids!

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    Ashland, Kentucky
    To Brodie, our little wild kitty:
    "Get down!"
    "Brodie, No!"

    To Josie, princess of the house!:
    "There's my Josie-Toes!"
    "That's my Good girl . . . "
    I can't even list everything that I routinely say to Josie cause she's always just hanging around and seems like I'm always carrying on a conversation with her!

    ~RIP Abby Jan 14, 1995 - July 21, 2005~

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    Raleigh, North Carolina
    Shadow hears

    "you're such a good gurl."
    "dang, your a chub a lub"
    "schooch're taking up too much bed."
    "could you please go cover that up?" she doesn't cover up her poopies when she uses the litter box.

    Callie hears
    "ZIP IT!" she meows constantly
    "Get down"
    "I'm not opening that door for you"
    "It isn't din din time yet"
    "I love you more than anything in this WHOLE WORLD"
    "Why are you so nawtee?"

    Whisper hears
    "Ouch!" He likes to knead you in the most uncomfortable places
    "My pretty boy"

    I sing songs about them constantly...particularly in the shower
    Sarah, meowmie of Whisper, Shadow, Callie and red-eared slider, Kahn

    Thank you CatNapper for the beautiful siggy!

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    Williamstown, Kentucky
    "How's moms girl or boy" (depending on who I'm holding conversation).
    To all three "You goofiest"when they are doing something crazy or silly.
    "Mom's home, Dad's home"
    "You guys be good, Mom/Dad going.... be back in a little bit"
    "It's NOT time to eat yet"
    "Mom loves you"
    Owned by my 8 precious furry kids... My 3 daughters Cindy & Abby & Aly and 5 sons Skinny, Stephen, Carson, Fuzzmuzz and Franklin.
    Owned by two special canine sons Coco and Snoopy and two canine daughters, Sadie and Gretchen

    Always in our hearts RBButterscotch & RBThumper, RB Ms. Eleanor

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    Tennessee, USA

    What a CUTE thread!

    "Hi BABIES!" to all the kitties each morning!

    Dexter's unofficial name is "d*** it Dexter!"
    But I still love the big goof!

    *Graaaaaaaaaace, be nice!* The queen gets a bit moody with well ... most everyone at some point.

    *You're OK!* To Tabitha when she thinks she simply MUST have an earlobe nursing right NOW!

    I'm sure there are plenty more .... will have to think about it!

    How FUN!

    Kim Loves Cats and Doggies Too!

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