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    Oh Clawd you are SO FUNNY!! I laughed and laughed when I saw your EXTREME CLOSE UP photo and when I read about you this morning. You have put me in such a good mood, I have to thank you! You are truly a beautiful bird (that beak is a gorgeous color!), and what a wonderful way with words you have! I get such a kick reading about birds that can talk. Hee hee! It must be no end of fun to have you around the house, and I know your mom & dad are absolutely in love with you (I know I am!).

    Congratulations to you on being named Pet of the Day today. You really deserve it. Yes, you're the best! "...that's nice!" "Yep!"

    Saima and Miko

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    You are beautiful and witty!!! And what a smart fellow you are to know so many words!! We are smiling and laughing with you today, Clawd, our beautiful Australian bred, Pet of the Day!!
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    Oh Clawd, you remind me of my Buddy... most sweet birds that are loved and lovable do. I wish I could tame my mum's new birdie, but she just is afraid of the world... come tell her that people are nice and won't hurt her!

    Congrats on being pet of the day, you definetly deserve it! I like your pretty coloring. Tell me, is your species related at all to Blue Ringnecked Parakeets? I know one named Firecracker and she looks so very much like you, only the color is different. What a pretty birdie you are! And so many words! My birds have never talked. I think it is absolutely true that birds use words intelligently- only birds that aren't treated as a family member merely "mimic." Any truly loved pet parrot worth his salt uses what words he knows fully knowing the meaning!

    Keep on tweetin'! We loves ya!
    Kimi and the kids
    PS Soleil says, "you be nuts! They are going to eat you! ruuun!"

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    Oh my gosh when I read your post Clawd Raymond I saw you are a fellow San Diegan. What a beauty you are and so funny, I laughed at your antics. You may have come from Australia but you sound like a true San Diegan. I would love to hear you say all of those wonderful things, and it sounds like you poop on demand. LOL I have two Schnauzers and one of them Miss Daisy loves to cuddle but only on her terms just like you. Congradulations Clawd Raymond for being our most beautiful, sweet, busybody, talkative, Very Best Pet of the Day.

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    Good morning Clawd. You have knocked everyone out with your incredibly handsome looks. Yes, you are starting my day with a big smile. How could you not laugh about your antics and your way with words.

    We are so glad to meet you and we hope this day, your special day, is filled with love and treats. We hope you have a very long and happy life with your humans. Keep them on their toes.

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    Hi C L A W D!! Well, it's unanimous!! You are one gorgeous guy!! I can only imagine the fun and laughter you provide your humans! I'm on the floor laughing and I've only sampled a small portion of your many talents; vocabulary and otherwise! (poop on command) Meeting you was a real treat! Congratulations handsome, stunning, smart as a whip, entertaining C L A W D! Today it is our pleasure to honor you our most deserving Pet of the Day!! Have a happy, chatty day celebrating your most special day of recognition!

    Star,Tigg'r , Mollie and the10 Gallon Gang!

    And my Rainbow Bridge Furangels...Jingles, Cody, Fritz, Chessa, Satin, Buddy, Lizzie, Oliver, Squeaker, Moonbeam, Rosie, Ruby~

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    Clawd Raymond, you are a pretty, funny boy!! Have a great day celebrating you!!!

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    I love your name little guy !!! It's Beautiful, intelligent
    funnny guys like you that are beginning to win me over.
    I find myself really wanting to experience life with a pal
    like you...Congratulations Clawd on being honored today
    as our PET OF THE DAY !!!


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