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Thread: Cat vomits for two days...

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    Cat vomits for two days...

    Thanks for your response, Barbra.

    Today Calley has eaten for the first time in three days w/o throwing up. Though it was just a little bit of food I am very happy she has kept it down for over an hour. She is still lethargic and not her usual self. I did not mention that I was out of town for four days, my neighbor came over and fed her. I wonder if that could have had anything to do with it. I am keeping my fingers crossed and if this continues I have decided to have an x-ray done.

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    When you have been out of town, she should usually be all over you and happy to have you back.

    I have no idea whether it is a problem that can be solved by X-raying but a lethargic cat is a sick cat

    All the best for Calley and you.

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    I would do a blood test first before an xray. Just my 2 cents
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